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Realistic Fitness


Hi, I'm Joe, I am a fully insured Personal Trainer and Sports Massage Therapist.  I'm all about 'realistic fitness', creating a training regime that suits you and your lifestyle. 

We'd all love the time to train everyday (or maybe not) but life is busy, so I am about coaching you to make gradual and sustainable steps for you to still enjoy life (and food) and to engrain new habits that you can maintain. I want my clients to enjoy exercise, feel comfortable, supported and empowered to reach their goals.  

I have always had a desire to help, motivate and teach others, regardless of age or ability.  I work from my own Private Studio based in Stotfold,  Hertfordshire.  

Sports Massage Therapy


The understanding of anatomy and physiology is paramount within Massage Therapy, Personal Training and both combined.  Both practices gel to provie the ability to create a plan of action to resove any stuborn problems. 

Whatever your therapy needs (athletic performance or simply relaxation), I work to ensure that you feel comfortable and assured that you are in the best possible hands to relieve any areas of muscular tension and/or imbalance.  

As with Personal Training, I can vist you, or you can come to me.  Whatever makes you feel the most comfortable.  Massage Therapy takes place in my private studio space in Stotfold.

Professional, Knowledgeable and Fun


I create bespoke fitness plans that fit a range of people with a range of lifestyles. 

My support transcends that of the gym-space, thus my support exists throughout your entire 'journey' with me and not just that 1 hour Personal Training session.  

Going to the gym can be a daunting prospect and for many of us this is what stops us from beginning an exercise regime.  Some places can seem judgmental and ‘clique’, therefore we can often be put-off before we begin.  Even when we have someone coaching us 1-2-1, we are still often mindful of those around us as opposed to having absolute focus on ourselves.   

Working in a private and safe environment means that we can work together from the ground up, body and mind so that you can work toward the best version of yourself.


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